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Seriously good street art in the streets and CBD of Frankfurt. Love the traditional styled Brazilian art by the Streetart Brazil crew. The perspective “guru” meditating on the side of the building is a whole new level of freakyness. The 3D street art is super technical and the results speak for themselves.

Emerging Trends   We all know the speed at which web development and technology moves, and often as soon as something that is seen to be “new” is pretty much outdated. As a web designer and developer, I often find it a little bit daunting to pretty much learn on the job for a fair […]

Have to check out this amazingly good graffiti by Chinese born DAL East. He is from Capetown in South Africa and is a freakishly good artist. Have to check out the detail in these pieces. He said: ‘Life always give one troubles but my work gives me a lot of opportunity to face these troubles.  […]

LA-based visual artist Heather Hansen uses her body as the brush and expresses her movements on paper with one of a kind drawings. Bryan Tarnowski, took a series of photos, from concept to completion, and helped to show the process where the artist captures her movements on paper. View the artists website here. Check the […]

  Having a great font can make or break your design. The font has to fit the criteria (don’t use a cartoonish looking font if it is a corporate job etc.), if it is for everyday design – the font has to be legible, and most of all it has to look great! I have […]