Multimedia Design, Animation and DVD Production

Studies show that internet users tend to spend more time watching a video online than a static website. What a better way to get your message to your customers than to use video and animation. DMS Design Studio can produce your next promotional video presentation, corporate presentation, animated slideshow or infographic that is guaranteed to make a lasting impact.

Our studio can also design eye catching animations that can help sell your product or better promote your business. As they say, a video can tell a thousand words, so why not get your message across with a video and make your impression a lasting one.

DMS can provide a range of techniques both 2D and 3D to help showcase your brand.

Is your website mobile ready?

Don't get left behind, DMS Design Studio can make your website reach a wider audience and be mobile friendly.

Don't get left behind in 2015

What DMS Design Studio can do for you in 2015

Sitetracker V2.0

Sitetracker is back and the latest version includes several new features and tweaks. Vector animations using After Effects and Premiere Pro

10 Ways DMS Does Design

Short promotional infographic for the studio. Vector animations using After Effects and Premire Pro.

Sitetracker V1

Short promotional infographic for the launch of the new Sitetracker program. Vector animations using After Effects and Premire Pro.

The Design Alliance

Short promotional video for the Design Alliance for the 2012 HIA Homeshow. Still shots and animated transition effects using After Effects and Premire Pro.

Designing the DMS logo 2012

Time lapse footage of 2hrs compressed to 5 minutes. One of our designers freehand drawing up the old DMS Design Studio logo.
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